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RAK Services

RAK Services and facilities

Technical and engineering studies

The engineering unit of RAK Company, in addition to technically supporting the factory, is playing an important role in supplying the necessary internal components, part and locomotive systems. This was achieved by employing young experts, using specialized software, and up-to-date methods, such as FMEA.

Periodic Repairs

According to the manufacturer recommendations, each locomotive should be inspected after reaching a definite figure of distance traveled in order to ensure optimum performance of its numerous systems.


Due to our grasp of practical engineering knowledge and the experiences obtained by our skilled workers, it is rather possible to reconstruct, change the operation type, and upgrade various types of locomotives, freight and transportation wagons.


The RAK company has the ability to carry out repairs on locomotives and wagons with trained and trained labor force.

Locomotive Operation

Based on its requirement, RAK Company started to interview, recruit and train qualified personnel in order to navigate its operation locomotives. In this regard, more than 50 interested individuals have been trained by the railroad training center since 2011 and are currently upgraded to the second grade.

Supplying locomotives

The RAK Company can haul payloads of up to three billion tkm a year using its current fleet of 21 locomotives. This figure accounts for roughly 9% of the total cargo transported by the Islamic Republic of Iran railways in 2017.

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