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Locomotive drivers hold a distinguished and sensitive role in railroad transport and in terms of their occupation.

The locomotive drivers can be considered as officers who enter the internship of operation locomotives after completing the relevant courses at the start of their career and attending the necessary initial training sessions. They must also successfully pass the required exams issued by the training administration.

Moreover, they may be assigned to different types of locomotives, therefore, it is necessary for these locomotive drivers to meticulously implement the general guidelines in order to prevent any potential danger or undesirable eventually, as well as maintaining and protecting the lives of passengers.

Training is offered in theoretical and practical aspects. After the education administration approval, undergoing thorough medical examinations, and determining the level of psychological and physical well-being, particularly the eyes health, the working license is issued.

Based on its requirement, RAK Company started to interview, recruit and train qualified personnel in order to operate its locomotives. In this regard, more than 50 interested individuals have been trained by the railroad training center since 2011 and are currently upgraded to the second grade.

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