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Periodic repairs

According to the manufacturer recommendations, each locomotive should be inspected after reaching a definite figure of distance traveled in order to ensure optimum performance of its numerous systems. Therefore, according to the given instructions, several parts should be replaced irrespective of their status, while others must be reinstalled once their performance was assessed. These repairs are commonly defined in four levels, as follows:

Monthly maintenance after traveling about 15,000 km

Quarterly maintenance after traveling around 50,000 km

Semi-major maintenance after traveling around 250,000 km

Major maintenance after traveling around 900,000 km

Given the previously mentioned information, various tasks of this group include:

  • Performing monthly and quarterly maintenance of locomotives according to the instructions.
  • Accurate assessment of defects and fixing them by means of the engineering team.
  • Automatic planning of halting locomotives in accordance with their conditions.
  • Compensating any deficiency in
  • Replacing consumables with respect to their lifetime.
  • Documenting the carried out operation.
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