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At present, the 5000-hp DF8Bi locomotive is the most powerful locomotive in Iran.


RAK Company share of the total cargo transported by railways in 2017

  • RAK
  • Other Companies

RAK Company can haul payloads of up to three billion tkm a year using its current fleet of 21 locomotives. This figure accounts for roughly 9% of the total cargo transported by the Islamic Republic of Iran railways in 2017.

Our locomotives are mostly active in Hormozgan, Yazd, Esfahan, and east of the country railroads. The percentage of presence in each region is shown in the figure below.

According to our plans, the number of operational locomotives is expected to increase to about 50 units over the course of several years, thus, the freight hauling capacity can meet the demands of up to 10 billion tkm a year.

The total cargo transported in 2017 based on region

  • East
  • Isfahan
  • Hormozgan
  • Yazd
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