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Pressure switch

Name: Pressure switch Application: turn of and turn on air compressor Required quantity per year: 50 pieces Working condition: 1)Operating Temperature: -25~70℃ 2)Protection class: IP54 3)Power Voltage: 77 VDC~130VDC 4)Interface thread: R3/8 5)Electrical Fitting: FQ18-7ZP water proof connector 6)k1 OFF PRESSURE: 700±10kPa 7)k1 ON PRESSURE: 680±10kPa 8)k2 OFF PRESSURE: 900±10kPa 9)k2 ON PRESSURE: 750±10kPa 10) Drift: 0.2%/Y 11)Pressure Measure range: 0~1000kPa 12)Relay: Conducting Resistance: ≤30Ω Load Current: no more than 0.13A Load Voltage: no more than 400VDC    

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