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Speed sensor

Part name: Speed sensor

Part ID: TQG2B

Required quantity per year: 30 pieces

TQG2B speed sensor is used according to electromagnetic induction theory, when the addendum of measured iron gear(m2.5,α=20°z68,the space between addendum and the tip of sensor is 1.2mm) rotates by the tip of sensor, the loop on the magnetic circuit gets voltage. It will be amplified and plastic by electronic circuit, and is output in the form of square wave pulse, so the rotating speed can be measured by measuring the number of the pulse.


Technical parameter:

Measure range 18~5000r/min

Loading resistance 10kΩ

Isolation dielectric strength 500V 50Hz 1min

Isolation resistance 10MΩ

Working temperature -25~70

Shock 40Hz 2.3mm

Shockproof 100m/s2


Fixing size

The figure and fixing size TQG2B speed sensor is showed on bellow Fig.



Tip protection of the speed sensor has been considered before delivery. When fixed, take down the end cover, when the sensor is not used, the cover shall be put on. The distance between sensors should be over 100mm. The tips of sensor are forbidden to touch each other. Otherwise sensor will fail.

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