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Sirjan Locomotive Repair Factory Equipment (RAK Company)

No.Device nameQTY.
140Ton Jack4
26Ton Roof Crane2
3100Ton Hydraulic Press2
4Ultrasonic cleaning machine1
5Injector testing machine1
6water pump and oil pump testing machine1
7JZ7 brake testing machine1
8Marsh and regulator test machine1
9brake leak testing machine1
10Pressure adjusting1
11Brake Towing Brake Testing Machine1
12co2 welding machine2
135000 amp digital megger tester1
14Charging and discharging device for locomotive batteries2
15Warm water carwash2
16Electromagnetic heater (gear heater)1
17Engine combustion chamber pressure indicator2
18Laser and digital thermometer1
19Cylinder head leakage test device1
20Cutting Torch3
21Alignment camera1
23Noise and Sound Frequency Meter 1
24RO Water Softener1
25 Assembly and Dismantling Hydraulic Jack of Cylinder Head3
26Micro ohm meter1

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