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A number of well-trained personnel in the Laboratory of Sirjan locomotive maintenance & repair Workshops, while using their technical knowledge and the latest equipment, conduct the following tests in order to verify accurate functions of our locomotives:

Water tests :

Determination of the ion

Determination of TDS

Determination of PH level

Determination of the Nitrite ion

Determination of the water hardness

Oil tests:

Oil is considered to be the blood running through the veins of these machines, therefore, the following experiments are carefully conducted in the Laboratory of Sirjan locomotive maintenance & repair Workshops in order to measure the status and operational condition of our machinery.

  • Measurement of eroded iron particles using CMN DC1.
  • Measurement of the water and fuel pollution in the oil using FPNDC1.
  • Measurement of Oil viscosity using VSNDC1.
  • Measurement of water pollution level using TBNDC1.
  • Microscopic evaluation of sediment excluder and determination of the extent and severity of erosion.
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