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Specialized workshops

Electrical Workshop

This workshop utilizes human resources specializing in the fields of power engineering and electronics and is equipped with the latest technical equipment in order to carry out tasks such as:

  • Finding defects in electrical circuits of the microcomputer system.
  • Checking the electrical systems of a locomotive during the periodic visits.
  • Repairing and manufacturing the microcomputer system while providing service to the contractor
  • Performing the calibration procedure of electrical equipment in order to measure temperature and pressure
  • Wiring of the entire control and power circuits of a locomotive.

Mechanical Workshop

Experienced technicians while utilizing the specialized equipment of this workshop, have the following tasks:

  • Servicing and overhaul of the injector system assembly using the latest equipment.
  • Full repairing of the hydro pump and hydro motor.
  • Full Servicing of the gear and centrifugal pumps.

Brake Workshop

Optimum performance of the braking system is quite paramount and rather highly sensitive in the railroad transport trains. Therefore, RAK Company has made a consistent effort to be able to perform the following activities at the highest technical level by investing in well-trained experienced personnel in the fields of maintenance and repair of the brake system, as well as providing the required technical equipment:

  • Servicing of the Brake valve using various testing devices during the periodic visit.
  • Dismantling and assembling of the compressors during the periodic services.
  • Documenting and preparing the sheet test based on the given instructions.
  • Major Repairs of the silicone dryers

Turbocharger workshop

The turbocharger system can be regarded as one of the most high-tech systems in a locomotive. Due to a critical requirement for this system, in addition to obtaining the necessary knowledge of maintaining and repairing this system, RAK Company has been able to obtain the assembly technical knowledge and balance the elements of this system. Moreover, the turbocharger workshop has the following tasks:

  • Full repair and service of a turbocharger.
  • Dimensional analysis of different parts and replacing or servicing them as needed.
  • Documenting the performed procedures and repairing the defective parts in the event of any conflict.

Ultrasonic workshop

This workshop employs various modern ultrasonic equipment and is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Carrying out leak tests in the oil and water pumps.
  • Carrying out leak-finding procedures in the brake circuit valves
  • Washing different parts using bubble induction by the ultrasonic vibration method
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