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Ebadollah Forozhesh

Description Resume :

Education :

Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Engineering- Software from “Shahid Beheshti University”

Master’s Degree of Information Technology Management from “Shahid Beheshti University


Work records and experiences :

  • Vice-Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of “Railway Transportation Company
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board of “Tarkib- Hamlonaghl Company”
  • Managing Director of “Tarkib -Hamlonaghl Company
  • Deputy, Executive Affairs of “RAJA Company
  • General Director of Maintenance and Repairs of Passenger Wagons of “RAJA Company”
  • General Director of Railway Passenger Stations of “RAJA Company” for 7 years
  • Vice General Manager of Railway Passenger Stations of “RAJA Company”for 3 years
  • Vice General Manager of Commerce and Marketing of “RAJA Company”
  • Information Supply Manager and Supervisor of Computer Department at “Building and Housing Research Center
  • Managing Director’s Consultant and Manager of Computer Department at “National Industrial Group
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