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  • The largest locomotive-owner company in terms of the equivalent locomotive by 2021.
  • The biggest percent share of rail freight transport in T/km.
  • One of the top five companies in terms of locomotive maintenance and repair in the country.
  • A 90% share of hauling locomotives in the Hormozgan province.
  • Traction General Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, which owns 548 locomotives
  • Alborz Niroo company which owns 39 locomotives
  • Alvand Niroo company which owns 25 locomotives
  • Raahvaar company which owns 14 locomotives
  • Gohar Tarabar company which owns 14 locomotives
  • Holdings subsidiary companies

Moreover, the main Competitors are essentially the locomotive-owner companies, which account for approximately 96% of the total number of locomotives in the country. In particular, the Traction General Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway, which accounts for a staggering 83% of all the existing locomotives in the country, can be easily considered as our biggest competitor. Furthermore, each of these companies has nearly absorbed specific railroad areas, which consequently, they conduct most of their activities well within these respective areas.

  • The amount of payload ferried by each company is substantially reduced in the shared areas. In addition, the presence of locomotives belonging to our competitors in the Hormozgan railroad can obviously decrease our initial share in this area.
  • Subsidiary companies of the holdings are all making a conscientious effort to come up with solid plans for productivity enhancement and creating new investment opportunities in order to raise capital from the parent company. Thus, providing a more comprehensive and financially justifiable plan can be a vital role in which a company is successful in this endeavor. Consequently, Subsidiary companies are, in fact, competing against one another when it comes to raising capital from the holdings.
  • Meritocracy
  • Human dignity
  • Customer-focused attitude
  • Organizational belonging
  • Transparency
  • Rule of Law

Mission Statement of RAK

RAK Company, as a maintenance and repair service provider of Rail freight trains, strongly believes that it should provide the highest quality services to its customers, based on the principles of honesty and integrity.

RAK Company firmly intends to play a leading role in the railroad industry by providing maintenance, repair, and freight transport services. Furthermore, this aim can be achieved by establishing an advanced and dynamic organization, which is able to attract the most qualified and experienced people.

RAK Company has largely emphasized on preserving the rights of its customers in all of its procedures and activities.

In terms of providing ​​services, RAK Company pursues providing different services to customers according to its current railroad fleet and conditions; and in the future, while maintaining the current level of services, this company firmly intends to develop the fleet and extends its scope of activities.

In terms of market presence, this company is providing a great portion of its freight transport services to the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways. Furthermore, in terms of maintenance and repair, the company’s locomotives account for most of its workload. However, while increasing the total number of operational locomotives in the near future, this company seeks to expand its freight transport services in order to include private sector as well and accept other Rail freight trains for maintenance and repair.

Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran borders can be regarded as the geographical scope of our activities, however, we strive to set foot beyond these borders and provide services to our neighbor countries in the foreseeable future.

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