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Know more about RAK

RAK Company, which owns about 21 DF8Bi diesel locomotives (5000-hp), has started its activities in the field of railroad fleet maintenance & repair and also rail freight transport since 2014 while relying on its expert and experienced staff. Currently, various cargo transportation services are routinely provided for the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (IRIR) given the fact that Sirjan locomotive maintenance & repair workshops act as the subsidiaries of this company.

The company can haul payloads of up to three billion tkm a year using the current fleet, moreover, this figure can be significantly increased to 10 billion tkm a year with a dramatic rise in the number of our active fleets to around 50 locomotives over the course of the next year.

Primary activities of RAK Company include:

  • Maintenance, repair, and operation of different types of freight, transportation and maneuvering locomotives
  • Signing contracts for the maintenance, repair, and navigating of railroad fleet.
  • Manufacturing, designing and repairing railroad fleet equipment
  • Participating in domestic and international tenders and auctions
  • Representing domestic orforeign companies and appointing a representation to real or legal entities with respect to our field of activities.
  • joint venture investing and collaboration with real or legal entities, which may lead to establishing a new company
  • limited or complete outsourcing of company’s projects to real or legal entities
  • Performing various business functions such as import, export, and trade of different types of authorized goods associated with railroad fleet.
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